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Is legit? review

Nowadays, In the Internet you might heard about which is a new link shortener website and the best part of is, it offers an opportunity to all online user to shorten their link and earn money online.

The site offers several statistics to manage your links and your downline. The support is very responsive to requests and there are also tools that allow to convert several links at a time or even APIs for webmaster or other.

How to earn money from
There are so many websites out there, some of them like Google's url, tiny.url etec don't pay you a single penny but some of them are  pay you the real money by sharing URL. In you can earn by sharing your shortend url and of course the referral program is included.

How to apply

  • Go to or search on Google/Bing by typing
  • open the link with
  • Now you can see the same design like the above image
  • Now click on sign up (the upper right corner)
  • You can sign up through Facebook/ Fill out the form
  • Now verify email to earn money from
  • Now you account has been created( so simple part of the website)
  • Now choose an URL and shorten through the website
  • Now your Money Making URL is ready to go
  • As much you share your URL your money will be increas
Don't use any VPN or don't click your own url as much as possible because the website count the click as an invalid activity like Google adsense , This kind of activity will affect your account.

Tips to increase your earning on

1. Facebook:
                  If you have a fan page with some decent followers or if you a have a meme page or if you have more followers on your personal facebook fan page you can share your link in daily basis to get more clicks.

2. Make a blog:
                       You make a blog based on any niche topic and write some trending article to get some more traffic to you blog, More traffic means more money, so start creating content and shorten your blog url then share with your fiends or even you can include linking in your blog

3. Whatsapp:

                    If you have in some group where so many groups members are there, you can share you shorted url to the groups to get more clicks.

4. Use Google adwords: The most valuable way to earn more money from website, is Google Adword, Google adwords is largest advertising platform in the world, so you just make short url of a trending topics and run a campaign, yes for that you have to pay some money but now in Google adwords, you just have to spend some money on it and google will give you some free credit to run your adds more time.

Payout: pays 100 dollars per 1000 visitors so it means you can get decent amount from

Payout Rate:

Reveiws for 
After use 2 months we can say that the copy & paste website is legit, they really pay you the real money via Paypal, and the best part is they also pay via Bitcoin, it means you can now earn bitcoins by sharing your shorten urls.


If you have any questions, comment below


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  2. i am using in 1000 view i getting 4 dollars and its legit to i got my withdraw

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