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Don't Shut Down or Turn Off your Desktop or Laptop Directly | Read the Actual Facts

Nowadays, everyone has Computers I their house and it is very important to know why it is important to shut down Laptop or computer in a proportionate way and why laptops and computer laptops should not be closed or shut down! What is the loss from direct shut down and what can be a problem with your laptop or computer! And why the direct off can cause problems!
Today, We are going to tell you about why not Shut Down direct or power off and what is the loss of it

Don't Shut Down or Turn Off  yuor Desktop or Laptop Directly | Read the Actual Facts

The biggest advantage of shutting down correctly is that whenever you turn off a laptop or a computer, first of all you will ask to save all the documents running on your computer, because you can save a document. If you forget to do so, then this gives you another chance so that your document will not be damaged and can not be deleted! So this is the biggest advantage of direct shoot down

Whenever a user runs a laptop or a computer, many programs keep running in the background of your laptop or computer to run it, even if you are watching a single game, office or a video but that thing is right To run you have a lot of programs running in your computer's background, you can see them by going to your task bar and clicking on the details!

In the laptop or computer, its operating system is always installed in its hard disk and the application that you want to run runs through the medium of RAM and appears on your screen! Many applications bring data from the hard disk through RAM and appear on your screen, so many applications in the background keep running from the hard disk with the RAM.

When you turn off your laptop, the computer sends an alert to all the applications running by the RAM that your system is now shutting down. You should move to your own place and after which any application is running, then one Goes off and your computer stops right after some time.

But if you shut down your computer or laptop directly or power off, then the data that was running on your computer via RAM will not be available and the data is not the right place because of the direct shutdown Will reach and they will remain in the middle! And the data which remains in RAM gets deleted after the data light goes away! Since RAM is a random access memory and its good thing is that after closing its power, the data it contains gets deleted!

After that, whenever you open your computer or laptop, that data will not be available in that place because the data which was left in RAM is now lost, the data is now deleted, after that you will have to go to your computer window several times after that. gets corrupted and sometimes the window repair starts to appear! And in many hairstyles, the computer or the laptop is not ON and the computer's window flies!

Although Microsoft has given many more options for backing up the data but those things do not work at all, there may be problems with you!

What will be happen if you Shut Down or Turn off Desktop or Laptop Directly ?

Don't Shut Down or Turn Off  yuor Desktop or Laptop Directly | Read the Actual Facts

·      1)  If you are transferring data from a memory card or pen drive and shutting down your computer directly, it may be that your data flies and your computer's RAM may also be damaged and CPU may also get messy!

·       2)  If you shut down the computer directly at the window update, it may be that your window is corrupted. Most of the time the window gets corrupted!

Friends, whenever you are running a computer, do not shut them off anytime and shut them down by proportionally, otherwise you can have the problem mentioned above!
We hope you have come to understand this information if you have any other questions or suggestions, then we will tell you the following in the comment box below

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