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Earn 20k Per Month by Doing this Simple Task

Hello, Everyone today we are going to share with you a great source where you can earn minimum 20k per month by doing some simple work. So Read the full articles

  Do You Want To Earn Money Online? Or you want to open an E-Commerce Website from where you can earn money by doing Online Product Sell. If you want to know all this, then read this whole article today and open your own e-commerce website which is absolutely free.

Earn 20k Per Month by Doing this Simple Task
Earn 20k Per Month by Doing this Simple Task

First of all, let me tell you that in the way we have brought today, neither you need any product to sell nor you need to apply 1 rupee to the website Open !!

That is, you just have to create an account and your online store will also open your name and you will not have to take a product tension on that site because the product will provide you the same website for selling.

    Note - You will find only Fashion and Clothes Related brands in the product which you can sell. Like - Shooes, Man and Woman Clothes and Fashion Accessories, etc.

Now you will think that if the product belongs to someone else then how can we earn money in it ??

So let us tell you that if the product is bought from your website then you get 15% to 25% of the price of that product, commissions or get profits.

For example, you have sold a 1000 ₹ shoe from your website. You will get them from 150 to 250 ₹ which will go straight to your bank account.

So I hope you have come to understand the basic concept. Now before you tell us how you can open your Free E-Commerce Website before you can step by Step, I have given you this link below which is an example of my e-Commerce Site.

Free E-Commerce Website Example Click Here

So if you have seen the link given above, then you might have understood how your e-commerce website can be. So let's look at the complete tutorial

How To Open Your Own Online Store Business

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

First of all you have to go to Wooplr 's website because this is the website that will help you to open this online store. Now when you open this website, you have to click on "Get Started Now" .

Earn 20k Per Month by Doing this Simple Task
Earn 20k Per Month by Doing this Simple Task

Step 2

Now you will open a registration form in which you have to enter your name, email and password. Something like this.

Step 3

After this you have to choose Mobile Number, Gender and Occupation. And Store Name to enter a name for your Store the box that you want to keep. Now click on Continue.

Step 4
Now you have to do a last thing. In which this will ask you what you want to keep in your store like - Footwear, Shirt, T-shirt, etc. You can select what you want, which will show the same products in your online store. After you select your Online Store is available.

Earn 20k Per Month by Doing this Simple Task
Earn 20k Per Month by Doing this Simple Task

So now you can promote your online store so that people can buy your stuff or even pretend to someone.

How will earning
As I told you that if any item is sold from your store, then you will get some commission of it. Which will be as follows
Initially, you will get 15% commencement of every product's price, and as soon as your earnings increase, the commission will also get 18% to 20% and the last 25%. Which will increase your Earnings too.

Now let me tell you another special thing that there is another way to earn on Wooplr which is earning even if people win your store. That is, if someone came to your store and did not buy any stuff, then they would count in the Page View, which gives wooplr 10 rupees of every 100 Page View. So for example, if your store has seen 660 times Page views today, you will get 66 rupees.

How to Withdraw Earning
We liked the Earning Withdraw Method of this website because its Minimum Withdraw Limit is very low.
You can withdraw from your Earning when you earn 100 rupees. The first is Bank Transfer and the second is PayTm which is as follows
  •            If you want your Earning in your Bank Account, your Wooplr should have at least 100 rupee, which will reach your account in 2-3 days
  •       If you want in your Payment in PayTm, then you should only have Minimum Balance 100 ₹ or more, which will be available in your Paytm Wallet within 24 hours.

--NOTE –
You do not need to withdraw your payment manually as soon as you reach your minimum limit, the payment method will be automatically transferred to the payment method you have selected.

How to Sell Products
How to Sell Products Now It's Up To You. What kind of marketing strategy do you choose? But you can share your store or every product on social media where there is no shortage of people.
And if you have followers or any page then you can promote there too and you can ask your friends to buy from your online store. Which would be your earning.

So if you have to ask something more related to it then you can ask us. And if you liked this "How to Open Your Own Online Store Business", then you must share it with your friends.

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