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Earn Money with Google Chrome Extension |

Nowadays, there are lots of websites out there, which provides you to earn money online by doing some Simple task like CPC marketplace, watching videos, Clicking adds, shorten url,  Affiliate product sell and many more things.

But in this post, we are going to cover a new Website, which will provide you to earn money by using your Chrome Browser. For this you don't have to do anything. Just surf any website you like, It means anything. This website will pay you surfing any website.

How to earn money without doing nothing? Yes it's possible now.

Earn Money with Google Chrome Extension |

Yesterday, We found a new website, "Click Here for Earn Money" which is totally good, Just Sign Up here and do your own work on Browser, Remember this website and the extension only work on Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

How it works:

Basically it's an add network provider, the website pays you by watching adds, But the best part is it will work on every website, it means you don't have to wait for particular website, just visit any website on your own browser and the website will pay you. Now you thinking how it's possible. It is possible by the extension, after installing the extension in your Browser, It allows to show adds in the bottom of any websites, It could be Facebook, Google anything else.

Earn Money with Google Chrome Extension |

How to earn:
 Just Sign up through the Link and then Click here to install the Extension, after doing all that now you are good to go. Just use your browser as you used before, surf any website you want. you will earn money by per visit to any website.

What's the Requirements?

The most important thing is you need to have a Computer, It won't be work on Mobile. You can try that out as a desktop mode but we are not sure about that. Second is you have to install Chrome or Mozilla  Firefox. Cause the website is only works on Mozilla and Chrome Now.

Minimum Payout:

The best part of the website is it has the lowest payout range we have seen ever on any site. You can withdraw money When you reached 0.03 USD.

Earn Money with Google Chrome Extension |

Our Tips to earn quickly:

To earn quickly, everybody wants that so, we think that why not include this part in this post as well.
So here is the trick to earn more money quickly from this website without doing nothing. Just install the Extension (Extension Link) on chrome and set the timer for 3 sec and start the Extension and leave your computer as it is. It will generate more money for you quickly by doing nothing.

Our Review:

We have used this site for one day for testing perpouse and we can say that this website good to earn money by doing nothing. Overall review we be published when get the withdrawal from the website.

If you find a good way to Earn Money Online then share this post with your friends and comment below to encourage us. Thank You for reading..

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